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Teachers of the Year for 2023-2024

Linda Marsden, Lafayette


Linda Marsden has been a dedicated 2nd grade teacher at Lafayette Elementary School for 35 years! She works tirelessly for both students, staff, and families. Linda is always thinking of others, making sure people get the recognition they deserve, and supporting our staff in times of need. Linda has taken leadership roles by serving on our school’s Advisory Committee and also as a mentor to new teachers. In the classroom, Linda is the epitome of organization. Her classroom environment is one with structure but also a place where students can be independent and grow during the crucial year in second grade. She maintains a great balance in her classroom of challenging students with their academics, but also nurturing students’ social-emotional needs and their character development. With Linda’s years of experience, she is also a great resource for families and really understands the development of 2nd graders. Above all, Linda comes to school with a sense of humor and love of Lafayette Elementary School. She is a lifetime Leopard and we are honored that Linda is our LES Teacher of the Year!

Katy McSherry, Happy Valley

Katie McSherry has many amazing qualities as an educator. One of her strongest traits is her ability to be a positive light to her students, colleagues and families. She is an advocate and cheerleader for students and staff to get what they need. Katie makes sure every child and staff member feels noticed, appreciated, and supported starting with her friendly greetings and huge smile. She takes time to build relationships with everyone in her classroom and on the support team. You often will spot Katie kneeling down next to a student who might need some extra attention, ready to give hugs or words of encouragement. During Virtual teaching, Katie went above and beyond to connect with her students through fun costumes and spirit days, teaching in a spot in her garage she had transformed into a classroom. Katie's colleagues at Happy Valley also benefit from her generosity and support through her leadership in the Happy Valley Sunshine Committee to her work for years in LEA and on Negotiations. Katie is flexible and models lifelong learning, always open to partner with other educators to grow as a teacher and meet the ever changing needs of her students. She has also served on different District committees as a teacher leader over the many years she has worked at Happy Valley Elementary, putting in extra time to pilot new curriculum as well as present to our families about different instruction methods. Katie has a huge heart that she shares with everyone she meets. We are truly lucky to have such a dedicated and committed educator working at Happy Valley Elementary and in the Lafayette School District.

Christina Churchill, Springhill