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Internet Policies

Internet Publishing & Acceptable Use Policy for Students



The Internet is a vast network of computers that allows people from all over the world to access a variety of information and resources. Each of our school sites maintains a web site on the Lafayette School District's Internet server, which contains information about the schools, our staff, and community events. The web site is located at

As a part of the Internet community, our schools wish to continue to use their web sites to highlight school activities, classroom projects, and student achievements. Schools would like to be able to publish individual student works, as well as photographs of students at school activities, on their web sites. In order to do this, however, each school requests parent permission for allowing work by and/or photographs of your child to be published on the web site.

Student photographs shall not be identified by students' names. Likewise, students' personal information such as addresses, phone numbers, or daily schedules shall not be published or made available via the school's web site. All materials on school web sites are submitted to and approved by the school principal before materials are published on the school's web site.

If you have any questions about this form or this policy for posting information, or become aware of any unauthorized use of the school's website, please contact the Lafayette School District at (925) 927-3500.




Compliance with Existing Laws, Regulations, and Policies:
The Lafayette School District provides technology resources to its students and staff in furtherance of its educational and business purposes. The use of these technology resources is a privilege, not a right. Access to computers and people all over the world through the District's computer system entails potential access to material that may not be considered to be of educational value in the context of a school setting. The District believes that the value of the information, interaction, and research capabilities available through computer technology outweighs the possibility that users may obtain material that is not consistent with the educational goals of the District. Proper behavior, as it relates to the use of computers, is no different than proper behavior in all other aspects of School District activities. All users are expected to use the District's computer system in a responsible, ethical, and polite manner. Parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to be involved in their children's computer use and to guide them in ethical and proper use. We respect the rights of parents/guardians to decide whether or not to give permission for their children to access the Internet at school.


Acceptable Use:
All persons using the computer system shall comply with all applicable laws and District policies including, without limitation, laws and policies regarding freedom of speech, profanity, obscenity, privacy, copyright, and misuse of computers generally. Persons using the computer system are required to comply with student conduct requirements generally as well as with the provisions of this Policy. The computer system may only be used in furtherance and support of the District's educational and business goals and purposes. Users will be introduced to proper computer system conduct by instructors, and are expected to follow District guidelines. Users are expected to be courteous while using the computer system. Approval must be obtained from the System Administrator and the supervising teacher prior to downloading or scanning any materials into the computer system. Images of students may be displayed on the computer system only with prior permission from the student's parent or guardian. Students may be referred to by first name only unless special circumstances warrant use of the full name and prior approval is obtained from the System Administrator and the parent/guardian.


Prohibited Use:
Internet access is a privilege which may be revoked at any time. The network may not be used to promote unethical practices or
any activity prohibited by law or district policy including, but not limited to:


Illegal Use - Users may not process, transmit, download, or publish any material in violation of any local, State, or Federal law, including, but not limited to maliciously accessing, altering, deleting, damaging, or destroying any part of the computer system; moving another user's accounts, changing another user's passwords, or using unauthorized accounts; using the computer system to make money illegally or for illegal purposes; using the computer system or materials contained therein in violation of copyright, trade secret, or libel laws, or for any other illegal purpose or fraudulent conduct, including credit card fraud or electronic forgery.

Vandalizing - Users may not upload, transmit, download, or participate in any manner in the creation, promulgation, publication or use of computer viruses or any other harmful computer programs. This includes intentionally disrupting or causing damage to the computer system. Users may not engage in any form of "hacking" while using the computer system. Hacking includes, but is not limited to, gaining or attempting to gain unauthorized access to computer systems and/or viewing, copying, downloading, or altering the computer programs, operating systems, data files, and any other materials contained therein. Use of viruses and hacking will result in denial of access to the computer system and may result in further discipline.

Accessing/transmitting/storing inappropriate material/websites/cyberbullying - Users shall not send, display, or store material that is obscene, rude, offensive, hate-based, or that could be construed as harassing to others via or on the computer system. The District reserves the right to limit the content of information accessed or stored on the computer system for legitimate pedagogical purposes. All Web pages created by students and student organizations on the computer system will be subject to treatment as District-sponsored publications. The District reserves the right to exercise control over such publications. Web sites and other areas the District permits to exist on the computer system are not to be deemed or operated as public forums. Users may not access chat rooms through the computer system unless prior approval is obtained from the System Administrator or supervising teacher. All world wide web sites that users wish to place on the computer system are subject to prior approval by the System Administrator. The System Administrator shall review and approve inclusion of links to other sites included in a website on the computer system.

Private financial gain/business - Users may not use the computer system for product advertisement, political lobbying, or for commercial purposes including for private financial gain or to operate a private business enterprise. Users may not provide personal credit card or financial information of any type, or conduct financial transactions over the computer system without the prior approval of the System Administrator or supervising teacher. The District is not responsible for unauthorized costs incurred through use of the computer system.

Violating security/privacy - Users may not modify or alter the computer system in any way except under the express direction of the District's System Administrator. Modification and alteration of the computer system does not include ordinary operations involving saving and deleting user-generated files in furtherance of District business or educational purposes. Users are personally responsible for keeping their passwords secure, complying with system security measures, and intentional disruption, damage, or negligent harm they may cause to the computer system. Sharing passwords or using the computer system under another user's password or account number is prohibited. Users shall not read other users' mail or files; they shall not attempt to interfere with other users' ability to send or receive electronic mail or files; they shall not attempt to read, delete, copy, modify or forge other users' mail or files. Users may not use any passwords, recognition codes, security access devices or methods, data encryption, or physical locking devices such as locks on any part of the computer system without the District's prior express written consent. Users must inform the District's system Administrator in writing of all security measures they wish to use and provide keys, passwords, access codes, encryption keys, and/or other security information or materials to permit the District to obtain access to their secured areas prior to using such security devices. Permission to use such measures is revocable at any time at the District's sole discretion. The District reserves the right to access user areas containing "cookies," web browser site access trails, or other web-access information and modify or delete such items in the interests of system security, maintenance, and systems integrity and legitimate educational purposes.

Sending deceiving messages/spam - Users should not indiscriminately address messages to broad audiences. Messages or other materials should not be sent with misleading titles. Sending chain letters or pyramid schemes is unacceptable use.

Using District names and logos/plagiarism/violating copyright laws - Users may not use the District's name, the name of District school sites or other facilities, or District or school logos or symbols outside of the computer system in a manner that creates the false impression that such use is sanctioned by the District. The District reserves the right to control the unauthorized use of its name, symbols, logos, or any other proprietary materials to the extent permitted by law. It is prohibited to access web sites or other sources to obtain third-party term papers or course work that is to be passed off as the user's own work. Users may use copyrighted material only in accordance with copyright laws.

Privacy Notification/Consequences of Improper Use:
User information, data, and communications, including e-mails, transmitted over the computer system or contained in any part thereof is not private or subject to privacy protections. The District reserves and shall have the right to monitor all aspects of the District computer system, without advance notice or user consent, including user information, data, communications, and e-mails for the purposes of ensuring system integrity and security, preventing system abuse, maintaining the system, and furthering legitimate purposes. Users who are found to have engaged in the prohibited activities or who use the computer system in such a way as to violate District rules and regulations may be subject to appropriate discipline including loss of computer system use privileges, suspension, expulsion, and/or dismissal. Users accused of violating Policy shall have the same rights, privileges, and disciplinary procedures to which they are entitled for infractions not related to computer system use.