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GROUP A: ONE-HOUR sessions 1:00 – 2:00

CHOICE #1: Get to Know Your Laptop 101
Mac Tips and Tricks for anyone needing that “extra boost” in being more effective
Facilitated by Eileen Love, LAF Computer Specialist, and Kathy Lundberg-Moussaoui, SPR Computer Specialist

Download the handout here

This is the opportunity you have been waiting for! Come refresh your understanding about the Mac Operating System and also get better at navigating Microsoft Word. This session will help beginners - and we will cover a lot of material - so get your seatbelts on and be ready to learn! Wonder what the “dock” and “dashboard” are? Curious about how to use “Publishing Layout” like you used Paint & Draw in AppleWorks? Want to know how to save your Word files as a PDF? Or where some really cool templates are hidden? Come join us and face your tech anxiety head-on with new knowledge!

CHOICE #2:  Put DataDirector To Work For You
Creating your own assessments
Facilitated by Cathy Bornfleth, SPR 5th grade Teacher

Download handout #1 here

Download handout #2 here

Learn how to turn one of your own tests into a DataDirector test! Cathy will show you how she uses DataDirector to create a trimester math test that provides the teacher with a break down of individual student and class-wide performance reports, which even match up directly with the report card assessment areas. As with all tests, this is just one measure of assessing student knowledge- teacher insight is required. But this is a way to put all of a student’s report card testing areas on the screen next to the report card itself. Plus, once you know how to make a scoring sheet in DataDirector, you can create assessments for any area you wish, not just math or report cards. Hopefully, this session will help you discover a new way to make this tool even more valuable than it already is.

CHOICE #3: Worthy Websites
Explore “what’s out there”
Facilitated by Patsy Templeton, Orinda Technology Coach

Access the GoogleDoc here

So many sites, so little time! This is your chance to visit and explore some of the best sites on the World Wide Web today, and we will have time to investigate the possibilities of using these in your own instruction. Things change fast – we guarantee you will see some new things and have many “AHA” moments in this session.


CHOICE #1: Virtual Field Tips for K-5
Take Learning Beyond Your Classroom Walls with Video Conferencing
Facilitated by Heather McCummins, California State Parks PORTS Program

Download the handout here

The Parks Online Resource for Teachers and Students (PORTS) Program of California State Parks that provides schools with high quality INTERACTIVE videoconferences for FREE. Teachers in LAFSD have begun using this powerful medium for providing at-school virtual field trips, which are grounded in core curriculum. For this session, we will have a chance to participate in two real-time video conferences, as an example of how powerful this tool can be for student learning. We will visit Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook to discuss weather / climate, and also talk with an expert in the North Coast Redwoods about forest ecology and the salmon life cycle. Visit the website for the complete menu of “Units of Study”:

CHOICE #2: I Want To Be In The Loop!
An Intro to making a classroom website in SchoolLoop
Facilitated by P.J. Hainley, HV 1st Grade Teacher

Download the handout here

Ready to get on the SchoolLoop train? In less than an hour, you will be posting pictures, creating links to curriculum resources, uploading spelling lists and reading logs, and making your communication with parents (and older students) simpler and more efficient (i.e. you will get less emails and phone calls about lost information). Stanley students LOVE the user-friendly interface they have been using for 2 years. Their parents and siblings will LOVE you for helping them keep all the many important elementary school events in one place! Give it a go!

CHOICE #3: 21st Century Research Skills Begin In Kindergarten?! Really!
World Book Online – accessible resources for all reading levels
Facilitated by Rovina Salinas, Manager, Technology Curriculum Integration, CCCOE

Did you know that we switched from Grolier’s to World Book in Ed1Stop? Come see why! This powerful research tool is not just an encyclopedia, but a LEVELED reference tool that includes multimedia, e-books, journal articles, and primary source content, for students as young as Kindergarten, and is flexible enough to use in a classroom center. Don’t miss out on this chance to learn about the unique features of some amazing resources right there at our fingertips… and how they provide research, reading and writing opportunities for all students. We will look at the Early World Of Learning (PreK-1), World Book Kids, World Book Student Reference Center, and World Book Discovery.


CHOICE #1: New York Writing Project (a repeat of the August, 2011 workshop)
A Focus on Non-Fiction Writing, grades 3-5
Facilitated by Kristina Baham, SRVUSD teacher and literacy coach

With the new Common Core Standards emphasizing non-fiction writing, how do we provide students with authentic non-fiction writing experiences?

CHOICE #2: How to Effectively Confer with Our Students
Facilitated by Melissa Hall, LAFSD Literacy Coach

This workshop is designed to cover the nuts and bolts of how to effectively confer in our classrooms to support our student’s reading and writing growth and independence. This workshop will cover: what conferring is in relation to the workshop model; why it’s important; what actually goes on in a conference; how to use conferring language; and logistics and organizing behind conferring.

CHOICE #3: Writing 2.0 for Grades 3 -5 (limited to 10 people)
Effective “cloud” tools for collaborative writing: KidBlog and Storybird
Facilitated by Judy Zenoni, BV 5th grade Teacher, Eileen Love, LAF Computer Specialist, and Kathy Lundberg-Moussaoui, SPR Computer Specialist

Are you wondering what “the cloud” is, and how new web 2.0 tools can support your language arts instruction? There are so many ways… come take a peek at just a couple of tried-and-true curriculum-driven tools that bring the 21st Century into your classroom, offering students an authentic way to demonstrate specific learning objectives while also practicing important real-life skills and responsible use of technology.

CHOICE #4: Taking the Mystery Out of iMovie (limited to 10 people)
Getting comfortable with iMovie – for beginners
Facilitated by Debbie Sioui, LAFSD BTSA Coach, and Sue Yamashita, past HV Teacher

Download the handout here

We know that using video in the classroom can be effective, but many of us still struggle with how to get this increasingly more accessible tool into our classroom environment in general,  and into our teaching of specific concepts. In this workshop, you will  become more familiar with the main tools in iMovie - editing video clips, adding titles and transitions, and even exploring options with using sound. Come join Debbie and Sue for a carefully paced hands-on session - you will leave feeling ready to take on the magical world of video in the classroom.

CHOICE #5: How to Approach Challenging Behaviors in Your Class
Facilitated by John Egnor, Brian Mangold, Pat Gargiulo, and Norma Rogstad, Special Education Team